Frequently Asked Questions

A: bioQ has introduced bio-surfactants to assist in cleaning work. Which is a good kind of microorganism surfactants that has no negative effects on the environment. It has the advantage of microbial properties with the ability to degrade oil spills, grease stains to be gone without damage the environment. Both in the household and industrial sectors, such as for use in kitchens, bathrooms and various home surfaces, cleaning of oil storage tanks, pipelines, or parts of equipment that have been soiled with oil, etc. By the activity of microorganisms It is an important process to completely remove oil spills without causing any side effects.

A: bioQ relies on the activity of microorganisms. It is an important process in removing oil spills completely without causing any side effects. Which contains many strains of our selected microorganisms to decompose grease in all types of oils.

A: bioQ breaks down oil molecules to a smaller size.With enzymes and microorganisms that feed on oil as a food for growth.Therefore, it is the process of degradation of oil at the same time, until only CO2 and H2O are considered to reduce pollution and water treatment at the same time.

A: bioQ is easy to use, just mix water according to the appropriate ratio for use. Ready to wipe clean immediately.

A: Because bioQ is not just a regular bio-cleaner but also treats and removes toxins before released into the water. It is the correct solution to water pollution problem and achieve sustainable results.