“YAYAWA” Dried-water hyacinth shockproof.

“YAYAWA” Dried-water hyacinth shockproof. ECO & LIFE FRIENDLY. Friendly to life and Environment. Made from 100% natural material, also with the feature of water hyacinth, like a sponge, it is a feature that can absorb shock as well. Helps to replace the used of plastic cushioning for less. Let’s help to start doing to preserve…

Cleaning Innovation

FROM LIVES, FOR LIVES From our long experience working with the aquatic environment. We found that the cleaning of grease with general chemicals creates a long-term impact on the health of users and the environment. We therefore aim to create sustainable cleaning innovation with the beneficial microorganisms that not only cleans, but serves to eat…

Grand Opening ‘bioQ’

Ecomarine Company Limited has launched a new products bioQ. Cleaning innovation and removing oil stains with bio-formula from “bioQ” “FROM LIVES, FOR LIVES” that meets the needs of environmental conservation with 9 products as follows : bioQ Cleaner Plus bioQ Bathroom Cleaner bioQ Kitchen Cleaner bioQ Car Wash bioQ Germ Killer bioQ Cleaner bioQ Super…