“YAYAWA” Dried-water hyacinth shockproof. ECO & LIFE FRIENDLY. Friendly to life and Environment. Made from 100% natural material, also with the feature of water hyacinth, like a sponge, it is a feature that can absorb shock as well. Helps to replace the used of plastic cushioning for less. Let’s help to start doing to preserve the environment better by using natural materials.

YAYAWA Dried-water hyacinth shockproof available in 2 sizes,
size 350 grams, price 59 ฿
size 1000 grams, price 129 ฿
Transportation starts at 70 ฿

YAYAWA Dried-water hyacinth shockproof.

✅ use cushioning, parcel.
✅ use to support the animal cage.
✅ 100% natural cushioning material.
✅ Used, can be used to cover the soil, add nutrients to the plants.
✅ Reduce waste from plastic that we can replace again.


Save the World with Dried Water Hyacinth.
Shockproof products made from natural materials (instead of foam beads) with the properties of sponge water hyacinth stalk. Lightweight makes it able to prevent shock as well, reducing costs, suitable for stuff delivery, Save the World!