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bioQ Oil Spill Cleanup

4,900 ฿

Oil dispersants organic solution for sustaining the nature.

20 l.

Product Detail
bioQ Oil Spill Cleanup. Helps to decompose contaminated oil with microbes digested oil, a new innovation that cares for the environment Use microbes to be isolated in the area that is contaminated with natural oils. Able to decompose petroleum oil in a short time. When washed, it can decompose continuously with efficiency continuously. The interaction of microbes causes oil contaminated in the water to be easily eliminated. In which the oil is decomposed into compounds with smaller molecules and is taken to be a source of energy for microbes without causing odor or toxic substances that are harmful to humans and aquatic animals. This environmental-friendly product is biodegradable without leaving any residue.

Blends of Bacillus sp. 59.70% (w/w), Cocobetaine 2% (w/w), Ammonium hydrogen phosphate 0.3% (w/w)

Direction for use
Dilute bioQ Oil Spill Cleanup with water for the ratio of 1:30 – 1:50.
Use with a high-pressure spraying equipment injected onto the water surface or the ground where the oil spills.

How to keep
Must be kept in the original container with the label attached. Close the lid tightly, If there is no impurity can be stored for 2 years. (if mixed with water should be used within 1-3 days.)

1. Do not eat.
2.Avoid contact with eyes.
3. Do not dispose of used product containers into rivers, ditches, public water sources.
4. If it gets in your eyes, immediately rinse with clean water. If still irritated immediately to see a doctor.”