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bioQ Water Treatment

3,900 ฿

Clean water and power is our right as humans on earth.

20 l.

Product Detail
bioQ Water Treatment with BIO Formulation. There are high efficiency microbes helps decompose organic matter grease stains oil and helps to eliminate the smell caused by the process of organic digestion of microbes does not work properly. Causing hydrogen sulfide gas (Hydrogen sulfide) can remove fat deposits that accumulate in the drain. Or grease trap reduce the problem of fat clogging in the sewer. Treating waste water before entering the water source and increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment. This environmentally-friendly product is biodegradable without leaving any residue.

Blends of Bacillus sp. 59.70% (w/w), Cocobetaine 2% (w/w), Ammonium hydrogen phosphate 0.3% (w/w)

Direction for use
Dilute bioQ Water Treatment with water for the ratio of 1 : 200.
(Depending on the waste water that needs to be treated), use pouring or drip in the area that needs constant and consistent treatment.

How to keep
Must be kept in the original container with the label attached. Close the lid tightly, If there is no impurity can be stored for 2 years. (if mixed with water should be used within 1-3 days.)

1. Do not eat.
2. Avoid contact with eyes.
3. Do not dispose of used product containers into rivers, ditches, public water sources.
4. If it gets in your eyes, immediately rinse with clean water. If still irritated immediately to see a doctor.